Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)

Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)
Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)
Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)
Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)
Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)
Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)
Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)
Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)

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Lifepak 20 with Pacing and Sp02 (Refurbished)




The Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 20e was specifically designed to function as a manual defibrillation device to serve crash carts clinics and hospitals. LIFEPAK® 20e servers multiple functions in both monitoring and therapy delivery. In acute settings, the LP 20e mets JCAHO standards (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization) by providing resuscitation services. In BLS environments, it meets the AED requirements, while also offering manual capabilities for ALS clinicians looking for more advanced code diagnostic data.

Improving upon the LIFEPAK 20, the LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator offers a convenient battery status indicator to the display and improves upon the design of the internal backup battery for added reliability. 

The inclusion of MASIMO SET® pulse oximetry offers additional provides insight on movements and patient perfusion. The 20e lithium-ion battery technology provides power for extended operating time.

The LIFEPAK 20e performs daily automated self-tests and displays status and battery gauge readiness at all times. 


  • DAPTIV™ biphasic technology offers AED BLS (Basic Life Support) offering clear controls and function usage for this phase of sudden cardiac arrest, suitable for responders with minimal EMS training
  • Shock Advisory provides both audio and visual instruction that analyzes ECG rhythm
  • Self readiness assessments ensures that battery power is sufficient and device is ready for use
  • Optional  MASIMO SET® provides data for both active movement and low perfusion
  • 20e lithium-ion battery technology ensures extended operating time 


 Manufacturer Lifepak 20
Model #

LP20S - Lifepak 20 with pacing and Sp02

LP20E - Lifepak 20 with pacing only



  • LIFEPAK 20e with BLS/ACLS Front Door
  • cprMAX Technology Version 1.5
  • Active Color Matrix LCD Screen
  • Manual AND AED Functionality
  • Built-in AC Power
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Internal Battery
  • ADAPTIV Biphasic – Escalating Energy
  • Synchronous Cardioversion
  • 3 and 5 Lead Select ECG Monitoring
  • CODE Summary Event Record
  • Printer
  • A/C Power Cord (1)
  • 3-Lead ECG Cable (1)
  • QUIK-COMBO REDI-PAK Electrodes (1 pack)
  • QUIK-COMBO Therapy Cable (1)
  • QUIK-COMBO Test Plug (1)
  • LIFE-PATCH ECG Electrodes (1 pack)
  • ECG Paper 50mm x 30m (3 roll box)
  • LIFEPAK 20e Operating Instructions
  • LIFEPAK 20e Service Manual
  • Warranty Card

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