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Comprehensive Guide to CPR Training Supplies: Everything You Need to Know

You never know when an emergency comes knocking at your door. Whether you are a healthcare professional, first responder, or medical student, you would agree on the importance of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The critical skills used in the first five minutes can vastly affect the survival chances of the injured victim. According to the American Heart Association, it is believed that up to 200,000 lives could be saved annually only if one can get effective CPR in the initial minutes, making CPR training a critical skill that can ease emergency situations.

While dealing with an emergency, time becomes a critical factor hence immediate intervention proves effective in significantly increasing the chances of survival. In case of a cardiac arrest, it may help maintain blood flow to the vital organs, especially the brain, and heart, and increase the chances of successful resuscitation. However, just basic knowledge is not enough as you may have to rely on medical-grade CPR supplies. Thanks to modern inventions in healthcare, there is a wide range of CPR training supplies that can facilitate proper training and ensure to provide high-quality CPR for the victim. Hence, carrying the right CPR supplies is equally essential. 

Why is CPR So Crucial in Emergencies?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique that can be used on victims experiencing unconsciousness due to cardiac arrest or people who nearly drowned. Using a combination of chest compressions and rescue breaths, this emergency technique may help revive the patient. CPR manually circulates the oxygenated blood throughout the body, so you can buy some time while the medical help arrives.

Whether you are working in a corporate setting, enjoying Sunday on the field, or hiking on a nearby trail, an emergency can strike at any moment. Without proper knowledge, you can lose a valuable life. Hence, it is crucial to invest in gaining some basic knowledge so you can help those around you. No matter what you do or where you go, you can be confident in your skills to save a life. Now that you know the importance of CPR training and its role in everyday life, let’s dive into the essential supplies that everyone should know about.  

Essential CPR Training Supplies You Should Know About

As a certified CPR training company,  American Hospital Supply understands what it take to prepare your staff, students, or loved ones for an emergency. Whether you are a first responder, certified CPR trainer, or corporate emergency planner it is important to learn about the variety of training supplies available through American Hospital Supply. Thanks to vigorous research, today you can find an appropriate CPR supply based on the medical emergency. From CPR Manikins that provide a realistic experience to AED trainers, you can get your hands on each device or supply to get a comprehensive training experience. Using realistic devices and equipment, you can ensure that there is no room for mistakes while saving someone’s life.


Here are all the key CPR training supplies that you should learn about:

CPR Manikins

From healthcare professionals to medical students, everyone needs fundamental tools to get through the training. Suitable for hospitals, clinics, medical schools, and beyond, the CPR Manikins will help you learn and teach the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. Since the CPR technique requires stimulation at the right place, it is essential to learn where to stimulate the patient. A medical-grade CPR manikin offers a life-like solution to get the stimulation going. It will allow you to effectively compress the chest and blow air into the mouth for a successful resuscitation without causing any injury to the victim. 

You can easily find a variety of manikins that comes with electrical defibrillation, chest compression, ventilation, and more. If you enroll in advanced programs, you will be introduced to Advanced CPR Training Supplies. These advanced supplies may include a human-like manikin with a CPR feedback monitor, external stimulators, Infant training cartridges, LED displays, and beyond. You can pick the appropriate manikin based on the age of the patients you want to deal with.

CPR Masks and Shields

When dealing with a medical emergency, you might need to offer immediate intervention to save someone’s life. In the process, you must maintain proper hygiene to not only protect the patient but also secure your mouth to prevent the risk of infection getting into your body. As selfless of an act as it may be, it is crucial to create a hygienic barrier between the patient and the rescuer. 

While CPR masks are designed with a one-way valve to protect the rescuer and revive the patient, the CPR shield offers an extra layer of plastic barrier that can be applied over the patient's face. Note that CPR masks can fit into your pocket and has a universal design that can be used on patients of all age groups. Also, CPR shields are often packed in a soft or hard shell to maintain proper hygiene and deliver reliable results.

AED Training Devices

Health and medical research around the globe shows that cardiac arrest is among one of the common causes of death. Though CPR may be an essential technique for resuscitating the patient, an AED Training Device can help you dive deeper into the condition and analyze the heartbeats or rhythms of your patient. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device is thoughtfully designed with some advanced features that will let you deliver an electrical shock to revive the heart. 

Designed for both professional and public uses, AED devices can be beneficial during critical situations. The easy-to-use publically accessible AEDs are often used by the layperson to provide immediate relief. Whereas the professional-grade AED device is meant to be used by first responders, professional healthcare staff, and paramedics. You also have the liberty to opt for manual, semi, or automatic AED devices at your convenience.

How to Choose the Ideal CPR Training Supplies?

Other than your budget and checking the reviews and recommendations, many more crucial factors play a massive role in ensuring effective CPR training sessions. Choosing the ideal supplies is important to gear up for any potential emergency at home, work, or in public. Here are a few things that you must consider before purchasing or replacing your existing CPR training supplies:

 Quality and Durability: Apart from checking the reviews section, look for reliable brands that are reputed to deliver quality products. Reputed suppliers like American Hospital Supply manufacture or distribute the finest quality products in their collections. It will ensure lasting performance and infrequent replacements.

 Compliant with Medical Guidelines: While purchasing the supplies, always ensure that the CPR training supplies comply with recognized guidelines. It should meet the requirements issued by the American Heart Association (AHA), Red Cross, FDA, and other relevant organizations.

Training Program Compatibility: If you enroll yourself in professional CPR Training courses, it would be necessary to pick the right supplies that will meet the guidelines and requirements set by your trainers. Choosing compatible training supplies will help you roll with the training curriculum better. 

Explore the Extensive Collection of CPR Training Supplies at American Hospital Supply

American Hospital Supply (AHS) is your one-stop-shop for finding premium-quality tools, devices, and equipment related to medical emergency. They feature products from globally trusted brands who manufacture FDA-approved products for everyday uses. Before exploring their collection of supplies, consider writing down all the features you are looking from the CPR supplies. Do you need the supplies to train others or to learn new lessons at your medical school? Check whether you need them for adults, children, or infant? Navigate through all the factors before exploring your options.

Here are all the CPR training essentials that you can explore for everyday use:

  •  AED-Practi Trainer: Ideal for experiencing realistic AED training, the AED-Practi Trainer offers an economical yet compact solution for medical students. Integrated with eight pre-programmed scenarios in both English and Spanish voice module, it will help you get better understanding of the medical situation. It comes with a remote control so you can conveniently practice defibrillation and perform electrical shock on the life-like CPR manikins.
  • Practi-MASK CPR Training Mask: While practicing CPR on a manikin in a classroom setting, you will need a mask to practice rescue breaths and chest compressions. Designed to stimulate real life-like scene in the classroom, this training mask is soft and pliable hence it conforms to CPR manikin faces. It can be used without fearing the risk of contamination or infection. These latex-free masks will help you develop the necessary skills and ensure your safety.
  • CPR Practi-VALVE® Training Valve: The one-way valve for CPR training is an essential tool that will help you optimize your training sessions better. It features a unique air filter that will prevent the flow of contaminants and provide you a safe and hygienic training environment. The latex-free, single-use Practi-VALVE works with all the WNL adult masks and over infant mask openings, making it a versatile tool for instructors.
  • Brayden CPR Training Manikin: Brayden is one of the most trusted brands at AHS that produces high-quality and realistic CPR training manikins. Designed to make your training sessions interactive and easy-to-understand, these manikins reflect real-life symptoms of cardiac arrest. It also shows feedback based on your performance and skills. It has LED lights that replicate chest compression, blood circulation, and CPR quality.

Explore the CPR supply collection at AHS that includes a variety of CPR manikins, including adult, and infant models, with various features and options. They also provide CPR masks, Defibrillator Electrode Pad CPR-D padz, AED Practi-TRAINER Essentials with Voice Modules, and more. Using these supplies, you can acquire the necessary skills to perform life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation on patients in an efficient manner.


This blog is intended solely for educational purposes. Any information related to medical supplies and personal healthcare should be considered general information, not professional medical advice. American Hospital Supply recommends consulting your doctor regarding any medical treatments or therapies referenced. American Hospital Supply does not make representations or warranties regarding the information relating to products or healthcare decisions referenced within this blog.

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