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Medical Diagnostic Equipment and Tools

From medical equipment for home use to affordable diagnostic equipment for hospitals, we stock a wide range of high-quality medical diagnostics products at competitive prices. Our expertly-crafted sensors and cables are designed to last. So you can be confident that we offer the most reliable, accurate, and affordable equipment for use at home or in hospitals. Browse our growing catalog of in-demand products like blood pressure monitors, ECG machines, thermal imaging cameras, ultrasound equipment, etc.

Authenticity, reliability, and functionality are top priorities for American Health Supply (AHS), so the company offers a wide selection of diagnostics equipment. For example, handheld and fingertip pulse oximeters are among the most dependable and cost-effective options for monitoring patient health. In addition, your hospital or clinic can rely on AHS for a comprehensive selection of non-invasive blood pressure supplies and invasive blood pressure accessories (IBP).

AHS is a one-stop destination for healthcare diagnostic products, such as ENT accessories and testing devices spanning from basic to mobile to integrative.

Professional Blood Pressure Monitors & Accessories

We've got everything you need for measuring blood pressure in your hospital, clinic, or medical office. Our BP accessories include transducer holders, pressure monitor cart, NIBP cuffs, NIBP connectors, adult/pediatric hoses, and other reliable products for streamlining the BP monitors.

You can find everything you need, from non-invasive supplies to invasive blood pressure accessories (IBP), at AHS. We have a large selection of these products. In addition, hoses and connectors are essential components of every BP monitoring device. So when it comes to your blood pressure monitor accessories, we're here to help!

We assist our customers in identifying the proper blood pressure cuffs, cables, and other accessories for Phillips, GE, and other primary vital sign monitors.

Patient Monitoring Cables & Sensors

We have a reliable track record of working with some of the most prominent healthcare organizations in the United States. We help you keep your patient monitors up and running as long as possible by providing the correct parts at the appropriate cost for quick fixes that enhance patient care.

Our vast inventory includes IBP and NIBP cables and sensors from the world's renowned medical companies and suppliers to offer you the best possible equipment and accessories for your hospitals and clinics.

You can choose between several designs and compatible instruments, including

  • EKG Trunk Cables and Accessories
  • NIBP Hoses and Connectors
  • SpO2 Adapter Cables
  • NIBP Connectors

Vital Signs Accessories

Medical specialists monitor patients' vital signs continuously to ensure that they are within normal limits in terms of essential aspects of their health. An infrared digital thermometer, Sp02 cuff, and blood pressure monitors are examples of vital indicators. In addition, advanced vital signs monitors may provide a combination of the aforementioned vitals and additional information not otherwise available. Find the perfect equipment for your patients and caregivers by contacting us!

This category includes a reliable thermometer, probe covers, disposable Sp02 sensors, and other relevant items.

Ultrasound Accessories

Ultrasound, commonly known as sonography, is a non-invasive imaging technology that employs high-frequency sound waves to visualize physiological structures. A non-irritating method of minimizing airflow interruption is to employ ultrasound supplies, such as Aquasonic Clear¬ģ Ultrasound Gel.

AHS provides our diagnostic imaging partners with timely and dependable delivery of ultrasound supplies from leading manufacturers. So for a free estimate, give us a call right now!

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