Wound Care

Medical experts across the country rely on AHS medical supplies. We specialize in wound care products, including wound paste, dressing tape, bandages, scissors, betadine, etc.

AHS is the trusted partner for wound care professionals who provide ongoing treatment and follow-up to their patients. In addition, we work with your doctor to ensure that your dressings align with their individualized plan for your wound. We offer a comprehensive product line for advanced wound care management with our commitment to serving you and your doctor's individualized needs.

Leading Wound Care Products

The wound care products can include cotton wool, gauze dressing, bandages, and statures. In addition, professionals also use gloves and syringes during wound dressing and other medical applications. Here are some of the most commonly used wound care products available at AHS:

Skin Prep Essentials

Effective wound management treatment starts with cleansing the affected area caused by surgery, accidents, and other ailments. The wound care specialists utilize various chemical solutions and cleaning elements during the treatment. Examples include antiseptic, lubricating jelly, and swab sticks.

Our AHS Skin Prep Essentials offer many of these and other products for clinicians and patients for effective treatment.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic solutions (available in various sizes)
  • Lubricant jelly
  • Topical cleansing pads
  • First-aid kits
  • Wound cleansers
  • Prep swab sticks
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Wound Care Dressing

A wound can become infected by any non-sterile substance or object that comes into contact with or penetrates the wound. Similarly, dirt, gravel, and textiles can also affect the injured area if adequate care is not provided on time. The wound care dressing items provide faster wounds recovery and healing process. In addition, these products protect the infected area and provide a shield from the elements.

We have you covered whether you're treating a wound or dressing a catheter. Our high-quality products from the world's leading healthcare brands keep you safe, comfortable, and confident. This category includes:

  • Dressing items
  • Surgical tapes
  • Adhesive foams
  • Sterile pads
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Wound Care Treatment: Gauze, Bandages, and Tapes

Wound care treatment relies heavily on gauze, bandages, and tape as its core elements. The proper dressing can aid in the healing process while protecting you from the spread of disease. Immediately after being injured, the body begins the process of healing and repair. Wound care treatment protects the wounded region from additional injury, maintains cleanliness, and stabilizes the area. Adhesive strip bandages with amusing patterns or superhero designs are a great way to cheer up kids who have fallen victim to cuts and scrapes.

AHS offers various clinically-tested wound care products and accessories, such as:

  • Adhesive barrier strip
  • Benzoin Tincture
  • Skin-closure strips
  • Adhesive strips
  • Kinesiology tapes
  • Breathable medical tapes
  • Transport ventilators
  • Spot bandages
  • Various dressing materials

AHS is your one-stop-shop for all your health care needs! Browse our wide selection of high-quality wound care supplies. Count on us to provide all the supplies you need to provide your patients with the best possible treatment. We have a great selection of products from well-known brands like Tucks, Medline, 3M, etc.

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