Therapy & Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Products

If you're looking for a patient rehabilitation equipment supplier, look no further! We have everything you need to treat your patients and get them back on their feet. From treadmills to wheelchairs, we have various quality exercise and rehabilitation products for physiotherapists and everyday users. The product range includes treadmills, weights, wheelchairs, and more. So be more efficient with our rehabilitation supply products today.

AHS Rehabilitation Supply has everything your patients need for a successful rehabilitation program. We carry a wide variety of top-quality equipment to meet their needs, including stretching and flexibility, strength training, and balance training aids.

Aids to Daily Living

To improve patients ' daily lives, we carry a wide range of products, including mobility aids, safety and security, personal care items, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, bedding, and more.

AHS AADL range includes products to help your patients with functional challenges regain their independence. Whether they need a mobility aid for daily living, and ADL product for independent living, or an assistive device that will provide stabilization and support, our team has the perfect product!

Orthopedic Supplies

We want to make the process of recovery for broken bones, sprains, and surgical recovery easy for you. Our orthopedic supply store has everything you'll need to recover, including crutches, braces, and splints. It's our goal to make recovering from injuries and operations as painless as possible by providing dependable service and quick delivery.

Our orthopedic supply line consists of:

  • Underarm crutches
  • Cervical collars
  • Forearm crutches
  • Toe splints
  • Knee braces

Mobility Aids and Accessories

We're the experts in mobility aids. We have the widest selection of walkers and rollators, plus canes and crutches, to help you get around with ease and style. We also offer various options to help you live with comfort and safety while maintaining your independence.

Browse our collection of walkers and mobility aids to find the right mobility aid for your needs.

  • Folding walkers
  • Folding rollators
  • Premium walking handles
  • Travel walkers
  • Canes

McKesson Folding Aluminum 4-Wheel Rollator, Multiple Color Options freeshipping orders $50 or more - American Hospital Supply

Physical Therapy/Rehab Supplies

Our rehabilitation supply consists of various mobility aids and accessories for patients and physiotherapists.

You can rely on American Hospital Supply for quality products and physiotherapy equipment.

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