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Patient Monitoring You Can Trust

Review our comprehensive selection of quality patient monitoring accessories. These cables have proven compatibility to OEM devices. 

Common Patient Monitoring Acronym Questions

  • IBP Meaning - Invasive Blood Pressure 
  • NIBP Meaning - Non-invasive Blood Pressure
  • ECG or EKG - They are referring to the same measurement. The English spelling is electrocardiography whereas the German spelling is elektrokardiogramm.
  • SP02 - measures oxygen saturation or the amount of hemoglobin carrying oxygen

Collection Includes

  • EKG Trunk Cables
  • Disposable Direct-Connect ECG Cables
  • Disposable ECG Leadwires
  • Disposable SpO2 Sensors
  • NIBP Hoses
  • SpO2 Adapter Cables
  • EKG Accessories
  • NIBP Connectors
  • Direct-Connect ECG Cables
  • Temperature Adapters
  • IBP Adapter Cables
  • Direct-Connect EKG Cables
  • ECG Leadwires
  • ECG Telemetry Leadwires
  • EKG Leadwires
  • Short SpO2 Sensors
  • Direct-Connect SpO2 Sensors
  • ECG Trunk Cables
  • SpO2 Accessories

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