Patient Monitoring Cables and Sensors

Patient Monitoring You Can Trust

Review our comprehensive selection of quality patient monitoring accessories. These cables have proven compatibility to OEM devices. 

Common Patient Monitoring Acronym Questions

  • IBP Meaning - Invasive Blood Pressure 
  • NIBP Meaning - Non-invasive Blood Pressure
  • ECG or EKG - They are referring to the same measurement. The English spelling is electrocardiography whereas the German spelling is elektrokardiogramm.
  • SP02 - measures oxygen saturation or the amount of hemoglobin carrying oxygen

Collection Includes

  • EKG Trunk Cables
  • Disposable Direct-Connect ECG Cables
  • Disposable ECG Leadwires
  • Disposable SpO2 Sensors
  • NIBP Hoses
  • SpO2 Adapter Cables
  • EKG Accessories
  • NIBP Connectors
  • Direct-Connect ECG Cables
  • Temperature Adapters
  • IBP Adapter Cables
  • Direct-Connect EKG Cables
  • ECG Leadwires
  • ECG Telemetry Leadwires
  • EKG Leadwires
  • Short SpO2 Sensors
  • Direct-Connect SpO2 Sensors
  • ECG Trunk Cables
  • SpO2 Accessories


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