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American Hospital Supply Latex-Free PU Foam Heel Boot Protector

from $18.66

AHS Foam Positioner | Arm Board Strap

from $6.99

American Hospital Supply Operating Room Foam Positioner | Table Pad Rolls

from $91.84

AHS Foam Ulnar Nerve Protector | O. R. Foam Positioner

from $9.29

American Hospital Supply Single Ring Cushion | Foam Positioner

from $25.03

American Hospital Supply Multi-Ring Cushion | Foam Positioner

from $14.01

American Hospital Supply Sterilization Pouches for Instruments

from $9.99

AHS Exam Acrylic Wallmount Glove Box Holder

from $15.99

AHS Dual Sided AED Sign

from $5.99

AHS 5-Piece Hip/Knee Replacement Kit – Post-Surgery Medical Equipment


AHS 32 Inch Claw-Style Reacher – Aluminum Reaching Tool with Non-Slip Pad

from $10.39

AHS 31 Inch Reacher [1 Each] - Grabber-Style Reaching Tool with Non-Slip Pad

from $12.33
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Shop AHS's Line of Quality Hospital & Medical Supplies

American Hospital Supply takes pride in our line rigorously tested and cost effective private label hospital & medical supplies, which are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.                    

AHS Branded Hospital Supplies

Clinical partners love our hands-free medication vial holder, which provides safe access to medication vials to reduce risk of accidental needle-stick injuries and a transparent design allows the vial labels to be read clearly, promising right and accurate medicine administration. We offer the broadest selection of transducer holders for arterial line, central line, and other commonly managed patient pressures to ensure compatibility with most major disposable pressure transducers (DPTs) on the market. Our ASTM Level 1 masks are FDA 510k approved masks. AHS hospital socks are a great way to prevent falls injury by providing extra grip. They also come color-coded allowing staff to identify high risk patients.

AHS Products For Home

An ear curette is a safer means of preventing ear damage when removing stubborn impacted ear wax versus cotton swabs. Our tennis balls on walker legs are a great solution for promoting stability with your walker. These pre-cut walker tennis ball glides are a great way to protect your floors and navigate your home quietly. Lastly, no household has the essentials for monitoring health without checking out our blood pressure monitors for home use.

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