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Combat Application Tourniquet ® (C-A-T®)


North American Rescue HyFin® Vent Chest Seal


Public Access Bleed Control Kit

from $560.09

North American Rescue Packing Gauze


Individual Public Access Bleeding Control Clear Wall Case


Bleed Control Kit - STB


McKesson Tourniquet Band on Roll

from $17.56

Advanced Bleed Control Kit with Wound Management Simulator

from $2,395.79

Standard Bleeding Control Kit with Shears, Gloves, Bandages, Instruction Card


Bleed control kits are first aid kits designed specifically for someone experiencing heavy bleeding or bleeding that cannot be stopped with standard first aid techniques. These kits typically contain supplies such as tourniquets, pressure dressings, wound packing materials, and other items that can be used to control bleeding and stabilize a wound until medical help can be obtained.

Bleed control kits are often used by law enforcement agencies, military units, and other organizations that may be called upon to respond to emergencies where bleeding is a significant concern. They may also be found in public places such as schools, offices, and other locations where there is a higher risk of injuries that could result in significant bleeding. The use of bleed control kits can be an essential part of a comprehensive first-aid response to bleeding injuries. It can help to save lives by quickly and effectively controlling bleeding and stabilizing wounds until more advanced medical care is available. AHS has an extensive catalogue of standard kits and advanced bleed control units for professionals and emergency responders.

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