Holders, Straps, and Clamps


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11 products

AHS Medicine Vial Holder

from $104.99

AHS Arterial Line Transducer Holder for IV Pole

from $44.99

McKesson Foley Catheter Leg Strap - Dual Locking Tabs

from $5.73

AHS Fixed Clamp IV Pole Attachment, 2 Prong


Dale® Leg Strap, Up to 30 Inches

from $9.17

Dale® Bendable Armboard I.V. Armboard

from $9.46

McKesson IV Pole Stand


Sunset CPAP Strap Chin


Nikoclip ECG Clip


Dale® Transducer Holder, Box of 10


Dale® Hold-n-Place® General Purpose Securement, Box 50

AHS's complete line of clinical holders, straps, and clamps provides for comfort and easy access in the hospital at home or on the road.

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