Patient Positioning & Transport


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American Hospital Supply Latex-Free PU Foam Heel Boot Protector

from $18.66

3M™ Surgical Clipper Blade, Single-use, Latex-free

from $7.70

3M™ Surgical Clipper, Fixed Head, Cordless, 120 min Run Time


Charger Stand 3M™ for Surgical Clipper


3M Surgical Clipper Kit with Charging Stand and Surgical Clipper Blade


AHS Foam Ulnar Nerve Protector | O. R. Foam Positioner

from $9.29

The MegaMover® 1500 Transfer Sheet, 40 x 80 Inch

from $31.88

Pivoting Surgical Clipper Blade Assembly 3M™ Single Use

from $6.24

American Hospital Supply Multi-Ring Cushion | Foam Positioner

from $14.01

3M Surgical Clipper Kit, 1 Each


Stifneck® Extrication Cervical Collar, One Size Fits Most

from $13.23

American Hospital Supply Single Ring Cushion | Foam Positioner

from $25.03

Joerns Healthcare Ulnar Nerve Protector Pad

from $8.12

AHS Foam Positioner | Leg Elevator

from $64.25

American Hospital Supply Operating Room Foam Positioner | Table Pad Rolls

from $91.84

AHS Foam Positioner | Arm Board Strap

from $6.99

Ambu® Mini Perfit ACE™ Extrication Cervical Collar, One Size Fits Most Children

from $11.76

Perfit ACE® Rigid Cervical Collar

from $11.24

Prevalon™ TAP 2.0 Positioner System, 55 in. L x 36 in. W


DMI® Transfer Board


Safe Patient Handling

Turning and repositioning patients can cumbersome, dangerous for caregivers, and lead to pressure ulcers to positions if not done properly and regularly. The Prevalon™ TAP system was designed to help solve this very problem. 

In a surgical environment, proper patient positioning in the operating room ensures the best positive outcome for surgical patients. Maximizing patient comfort, managing patient perfusion, and maintaining clinical access to the surgical site are just a few of the reasons to ensure patients are in the proper position during surgery. 

Gel versus Foam Positioners

Disposable foam positioners are an economical way to ensure patients are positioned properly. Gel positioners are more expensive initially, but intended to be reused over time. Patient positioners are designed to protect certain portions of the body during surgical procedure. For example, the ulnar nerve protector prevent ulnar nerve compression during surgery.  

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