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Infectious Waste Bag 10 to 15 gal. Red Bag 24 X 32 Inch

from $67.52

Kendall Healthcare SharpSafety™ Autodrop™ Phlebotomy Container 1 Quart, Red


SuperSolid Plus® - with E Z Spout®

from $127.50

AutoDrop™ Phlebotomy Sharps Container, 7¼ H x 6½ W x 4½ D Inch

from $4.06

AMSure® Suction Tubing with Connector

from $2.25

Kendall SharpStar™ In-Room™ Sharps Container with Counter-Balanced Lid, 5 Quart, Transparent Red

from $10.67

SafeSorb® - 16000cc


Homecare Suction Unit W- Batt. 800cc Disposable Container


Medi-Vac® Suction Tube

from $0.80

Cardinal Health™ Suction Canister 1200cc with Locking Lid

from $9.99

Pedigo Stainless Steel Kickbucket


Sharps Container BD™ Red Base

from $5.42
Every medical center and hospital needs an efficient waste management plan and supplies to keep the environment safe and hygienic for patients. Collecting various samples throughout the day makes medical clinics and hospitals prone to infections and cross-contamination. It is vital to combat these issues using the finest-quality medical waste disposal supplies. You can use the McKesson red infectious waste bags with sealed bottoms to dispose of a variety of the medical waste that generates every day at the hospital. Medical staff can also switch to the Kendall Healthcare SharpSafety™ Autodrop™ Phlebotomy Container to collect, store, dispose of, and/or transport blood samples from the patients. Available in various sizes, it is suitable for geriatric, pediatric, and other high-risk areas. For solidifying and treating liquid medical waste, use the Super Solid Plus fluid solidifier. For better waste management, you can also explore equipment like Homecare Suction Unit, AMSure® suction tubing with Connector, and more.

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