Why Use An Ear Curette? 

Curette Ear Wax Removal

AHS disposable ear curettes are intended to gently remove cerumen (ear wax) and other particulate without harming the ear.  Curette ear wax removal is considered by many otolaryngologists to be a safer method of ear wax extraction when compared to cotton swabs.

Ear Curette Comparison Guide

Steps to Identify the Proper Ear Wax Removal Tool

Select the appropriate ear curette based on the subject's cerumen type and age appropriate size requirements. AHS white 4 mm ear curettes (AHSEC55) are suitable for adults/adolescents. Gray (AHSEC-G) is designed for smaller infants and children, pink(AHSEC-P) is meant for harder cerumen of older children and adults. Blue (AHSEC88) are intended for fast removal of extensive cerumen in adults. Use the green (AHSEC22) for hard to reach cerumen or deeply impacted wax.

White 4mm Oval Tip Ear Curettes Green 4 mm Round Tip Ear Curettes Blue 4 mm Spoon Tip Ear Curettes Pink 3 mm Round Tip Ear Curettes Gray 2 mm Spoon Tip Ear Curettes Variety Pack Ear Curette

Intended For

Adults / Adolescents






Tip Style

Oval - 4 mm

Round - 4 mm

Spoon - 4 mm

Round - 3 mm

Spoon - 2mm








White, Green, Blue, Pink, Gray

Quantity per Box

50 Disposable Ear Curettes

50 Disposable Ear Curettes

50 Disposable Ear Curettes

50 Disposable Ear Curettes

50 Disposable Ear Curettes

75 Disposable Ear Curettes

Model Number








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How to Use a Disposable Ear Curette

AHS Ear Curettes Instructions for Use

1. Position the patient comfortably on the examination table or a stable chair. Patients should remain still during the extraction procedure.

2. Prior to use, use of an otoscope is recommend to identify: 1) location of cerumen in the canal and 2) tympanic membrane.

3. Pull the ear up and away to straighten the ear canal prior to using the disposable curette. Gently use the curette to dislodge cerumen and pull away from the ear canal.

4. For best results, use an otoscope to view location of ear wax throughout the procedure. Periodically, identify the presence of any remaining cerumen. If found, repeat the curettage procedure until sufficient wax is removed to allow for examination the tympanic membrane.


‚ÄĘDiscontinue curettage immediately if bleeding, irritation, or other trauma to the ear canal or tympanic membrane occurs.

‚ÄĘIntended for single-use only. Do Not Reuse.

‚ÄĘ510K exempt product - substantially equivalent device.