Clinical Training Manikins & Education Products

As part of our commitment to improving healthcare, we believe that continuing education is an essential component. Therefore, American Health Supply (AHS) offers affordable medical training equipment and accessories for institutions and clinicians looking to improve patient care. We provide practice manikins, AED trainers, and other relevant items from trusted companies like Blue Phantom and TERI. These medical education products are excellent for nurses, emergency responders, medical students, and hospitals.

Training Manikins serve as a valuable hands-on training tool for critical skills and scenarios. It's possible to learn a wide range of abilities with manikins ranging from CPR and AED training to more sophisticated procedures such as ALS skills. Additionally, field guides are a handy resource for current EMS personnel on the job in terms of pediatric care, drug dose, and other topics. As a leading provider of Medical Training Supplies, we offer a wide selection of manikins from leading manufacturers such as Blue Phantom, TERI, and other trusted training manikins.

Our Ultrasound and Vascular Access Trainers include:

  • Ultrasound Training Model
  • Pediatric Training Manikin
  • Anesthesia Training Block
  • Biopsy Training Model

Patient Care Trainer

Train your medical staff to provide the best care for your elderly patients with the Patient Care Trainer. This realistic, lifelike trainer features practical human anatomy, including detailed skin textures and internal organs. It's designed to mimic how an elderly patient would react in a real-life situation, so your staff will know how to handle them every time.