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3 Essential Supplies for Every Clinic’s Medical Lab

Brian Barkeley ·

Medical laboratories can be complex and expensive operations. Their primary purpose is to process samples of body fluids or human tissues to look for signs of disease. As a physician, you routinely order medical tests that labs outside your office will complete.

Your physician’s office or community clinic probably isn’t equipped to perform complete blood counts, lipid and liver panels, or tests for thyroid-stimulating hormone levels. These three essential supplies for every clinic’s medical lab contribute to the immediate patient care you provide.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Advances in point-of-care diagnostic products make it affordable for small medical practices to perform testing on-site in their own labs. Test kits include everything needed to check for infections like strep, flu, or mono, or conditions like pregnancy.


Nobody likes to have their fingers pricked, but lancets are essential to draw blood droplets for glucose testing or for examination under a microscope. Look for safety lancets that do the job quickly, with minimum risk to patients and medical personnel.

Specimen Collection Containers

When patients come in with vague complaints or symptoms that cause you to suspect urinary or intestinal issues, specimen collection containers are among the top three essential supplies for every clinic’s medical lab. Safely collect and secure specimens for transport to higher level diagnostic laboratories.

Other medical lab equipment may find a place in smaller clinics or medical offices. These include microscopes and microscope slides, test tubes, centrifuges, medical refrigerators, and water baths or incubators.

American Hospital Supply offers clinical lab supplies useful for smaller medical practices and clinics. These items help you collect samples and safely transport them when necessary. They also help you dispose of biohazards properly. Browse our collection of lab supplies to find what you need, and call us with any questions or additional needs you may have.

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