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4 Essential Diagnostic Tools Every Caregiver Needs

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Working in health care requires that you have the necessary equipment to do your job. For example, as a caregiver, you have to constantly monitor the health of your patients. Therefore, you will need diagnostic tools to get the most accurate health reading. Here are four essential diagnostic tools every caregiver needs.


The first diagnostic tool every caregiver needs is a thermometer. Thermometers allow you to take a patient’s temperature, which helps you know if they have a fever. A fever is often a telltale sign of a deeper health issue or infection, so it’s crucial to detect it early. You can use all different kinds of thermometers, including digital thermometers and no-touch thermometers. No-touch thermometers have become increasingly popular during COVID-19 because they reduce the risk of passing infection. However, ensure you clean your thermometer thoroughly, no matter what model you choose to use.

Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is the second diagnostic tool you should have as a caregiver. Pulse oximeters measure a patient’s blood oxygen levels. These levels are necessary to monitor because low blood oxygen levels can signify a health problem. In addition, there are a number of health conditions that specifically affect blood oxygen levels, so having a pulse oximeter in your diagnostic tools is useful as a caregiver.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Another diagnostic tool every caregiver should have is a blood pressure cuff. A blood pressure cuff is one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools because a patient’s blood pressure is a major indicator of changes in health. Blood pressure cuffs read the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of a patient. Systolic blood pressure measures the force of blood against the artery walls as your heart is at work pumping blood, while diastolic blood pressure measures the force of blood while your heart is at rest. A blood pressure reading can reveal heart disease, stroke, and heart attack potential.


Caregivers also need a stethoscope in their collection of diagnostic tools. Stethoscopes allow caregivers to listen to their patients’ hearts, lungs, and other vital organs. Listening to these organs enables medical professionals to better diagnose conditions that a patient experiences. A stethoscope is an essential diagnostic tool you won’t want to be without as a caregiver.

Now that you’re aware of four essential diagnostic tools every caregiver needs, you can start adding to your bag of tools today. American Hospital Supply carries a vast selection of medical diagnostic equipment you will need as a health-care professional.

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