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4 Must-Have Products To Aid Elder Rehabilitation

Brian Barkeley ·

Recovery from an illness, injury, or incident can be a strenuous and physically taxing process. Whether you are healing at home or with the help of medical professionals, it is helpful to have the proper rehabilitation equipment to make your road to recovery a smoother one. Elder rehabilitation aims to return a patient to the general mental and physical state of functioning they had before their incident. Here are four must-have products to aid in elder rehabilitation.

Canes & Walkers

It’s challenging for seniors to move and get around after an illness or injury. Mobility is one of the key components that medical professionals aim to improve for patients during recovery. Two amazing products for increasing patients’ mobility are canes and walkers. These products help elderly patients be able to get up and walk around their homes or recovery facilities during and after their healing processes. They strengthen balance to help patients avoid falls and other injuries.

Commode Chair

Most common bathrooms are not made with elder care in mind. They tend to lack accessibility. During recovery, it is imperative that seniors are easily able to access the bathroom and toilet any time they need it. Commode chairs are a convenient solution to a lack of accessibility. A commode chair is stable, durable, and can support several hundred pounds. These chairs are completely portable, and patients can use them no matter where they are rehabilitating.

Cold & Hot Compresses

Pain management is another crucial part of the healing journey. Severe pain may be a significant factor depending on the patient’s particular incident or injury. Cold and hot compresses work wonders in managing pain and inflammation. You’ll need to know when to use the cold compress and when to use the hot compress, as they serve slightly different functions. As a rule of thumb, utilize the cold compress to ease injury and swelling and the warm compress to soothe muscle pain and stiffness.

Lumbar Cushion

Countless seniors suffer from injuries or conditions that cause back pain. Lumbar cushions are back support devices that help relieve back pain caused by herniated disks, arthritis, or chronic backaches. Lumbar cushions can be put to use in any location. Whether at home, in a rehabilitation center, or even in the car, you can effectively utilize the lumbar cushion.

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