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Essential EVS Equipment All Hospitals Should Have

Brian Barkeley ·

Environmental Services (EVS) is an important department that removes waste from clinical and medical settings to ensure the environment is free of dangerous germs, bacteria, and pathogens. EVS workers need specific tools and equipment to do their jobs effectively. Here is a list of essential EVS equipment all hospitals should have.


The first essential piece of EVS equipment that a hospital should have is disinfectant. Because hospitals treat so many patients in a day, many germs and bacteria can be present on different surfaces. Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect consistently. You should have a strong disinfectant on hand to clean doors, light switches, faucets, and any other surface that people frequently touch. It’s crucial to minimize the spread of germs in medical environments, and disinfectant is an effective tool that all EVS departments should have readily available.

Trash Bags

Hospitals are bustling places filled with patients, nurses, doctors, surgeons, and visitors. Because of all the medical work occurring at these healthcare facilities, people produce a large amount of trash and waste. This waste all needs to be taken care of appropriately. Therefore, trash bags are necessary to handle waste materials safely. Part of the job description of EVS workers is taking out the trash in each hospital room, so every EVS cart should have an ample supply of trash bags to get the job done effectively.

Floor Cleaner

As previously mentioned, hospitals are busy places that can be full of germs if people do not clean appropriately. In addition, hospital floors see a lot of foot traffic and can experience dirt, debris, and various spills that may include hazardous materials or bodily fluids. Therefore, an effective floor cleaner is necessary to ensure medical facilities are as sterile as possible.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are another EVS essential that all hospitals should have in stock. Because EVS workers are constantly cleaning dirty surfaces and dealing with waste materials, they must protect themselves against germs and bacteria they encounter during their jobs. Rubber gloves are the perfect solution to help minimize the spread of germs. All hospital personnel should wear rubber gloves when dealing with specific materials that can spread bacteria, infections, or viruses. Latex-free gloves are also a safe option for people who may have latex allergies but still need to protect their hands while on the job.

Now that you know the EVS equipment that is essential for all hospitals to have, you can begin supplying your hospital with these tools today. Check out American Hospital Supply to buy hospital supplies online.

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