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What Supplies Are in a Standard First Aid Kit?

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Keeping a first aid kit in your home, your workplace, or even your car is essential. It’s best practice to keep items around to help in case of injury or emergency. First aid kits can provide aid to a small scratch or deep wound until more professional care arrives. Learn what supplies are in a standard first aid kit below.

Absorbent Dressings

It’s vital to include at least two absorbent wound dressings in case you need to dress a deep cut immediately. You can affix these dressings to the wound with the help of medical tape.

Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages are another essential for your first aid kit. These are great for small cuts and wounds that need coverage without major care.

Medical Tape

Medical tape helps you keep the wound dressed without leaks or the need to hold the dressing to the wound manually. It can also help apply small amounts of pressure to small wounds to encourage the blood to stop.

Antibiotic Ointment

Antibiotic ointment is great to keep in your first aid kit because you can put it on small wounds to prevent further injury and keep infection at bay. Whereas a larger wound needs professional medical attention to avoid infection, antibiotic ointment is a great solution that provides care until professional help arrives and for smaller injuries such as scrapes.

Antiseptic Wipes

Antiseptic wipes help prevent harmful bacteria and germs from affecting open wounds. While these wipes may sting a bit to use on open wounds, they are the best option for efficiently cleaning the wound before dressing it.

An Instant Cold Compress

An instant cold compress works to help ease pain and reduce swelling of injuries that may result in bruising. Ensure you keep the wound elevated and cold to keep the swelling to a minimum.

Non-Latex Gloves

Non-latex gloves are another essential part of a complete first aid kit. It’s vital to use non-latex gloves in case the person you treat has a latex allergy. These are great for keeping wounds clean and preventing the spread of germs through blood and other bodily fluids.

There are many other items that are beneficial to include in your first aid kit. For example, if you take specific medications, it may be helpful to include them in your kit as well. Check out our extensive selection of wound dressing products that are perfect for your first aid kit.

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