Incontinence Liners, Diapers, Briefs and More

When it comes to incontinence management and patient care, you can count on AHS for a wide choice of incontinence care & accessories. We only feature products that have been doctor-recommended and are of the highest possible quality, all from well-known manufacturers.

Having trouble controlling one's urinating or excrement is known as incontinence. As a result, the person may experience uncontrollable bowel or urinary movements, which can be pretty upsetting. The key to independence in cases like this is selecting the appropriate Incontinence Care & Accessories. These incontinence products such as daily adult pads, premium diapers, high absorbency pads help patients avoid uncomfortable situations.

AHS carries a large selection of high-quality incontinence products from leading manufacturers, including Prevail, Cunningham, Attends, and Top Liner. In addition to adult incontinency care products and accessories, we also have premium baby diapers, incontinence clips, and baby wipes for newborns and toddlers.

Types of Incontinence Care & Accessories at AHS

  • Lightweight Incontinence Liners
  • Pull-On Disposable Underwear for men and women
  • High-Absorbability Adult Briefs
  • Machine Washable Incontinence Underwear 
  • Baby Wipes
  • Adult Wipes

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