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Clinical and research laboratories utilize various equipment and accessories to make breakthroughs in science and diagnose medical conditions. That's why testing centers and labs play a critical role in healthcare settings. Our wide range of lab essentials, including microscopes & slides, centrifuges, containers, and other accessories, cater to those researchers and clinicians who are doing everything to provide utmost care and improve scientific research. In addition, our commitment to supplying trusted products from manufacturers like Philips, GE Healthcare, and others make American Health Supply (AHS) a trusted partner of medical professionals worldwide.

Medical professionals undertake various complex processes consisting of chemical and biological tests, including microscopic and immunological testing, to ensure accurate results for the participants. They also analyze and create reports for the concerned doctors and professionals. The most critical aspect of medical testing is equipment and lab accessories. They need various items for day-to-day tasks for adequate and proper testing and result reporting. AHS offers a wide range of analytical and diagnostic items from leading manufacturers. Explore AHS for all of your lab needs.

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Specimen Bags and Containers

Specimen bags and containers are the essential components of any lab setting. Lab technicians use them to store and transport various bodily fluids like urine, saliva, etc. AHS offers a wide selection of collection bags, specimen containers, and vials that medical practitioners can use for storing and transporting samples without compromising the specimen.

We provide specimen bags and containers from trusted manufacturers like McKesson, DuoClick, and LAB-Loc.

Microbiology Laboratory Microscopes and Supplies

No matter if it's an optical or scanning electron microscope, the purpose of every laboratory microscope is to provide crystal-clear, high-quality images. For instance, the binocular microscope is best suited when you need a high-resolution and magnifying power for analyzing samples or microbes. On the other hand, monocular microscopes are widely used in the classroom and in medical education. In addition, the microscope slides are also essential components for sediment, histology, cytology, and pathology studies.

AHS offers various microscopes for clinics, labs, and classrooms, from the precision grid and slides to physician microscopes.

Laboratory Pipettes

Pipettes provide accurate transfer and measurement of various liquids, measured in ml or μL. Transfer pipettes are indispensable for a wide range of scientific and educational applications in laboratories, hospitals, and universities.

AHS offers pipettes of the highest quality to its laboratory customers.

Centrifuge and Accessories

There are numerous applications for centrifugal machines in the laboratory, such as separating liquids, gases, and other fluids. Centrifuges are commonly employed in research and clinical facilities to purify cells, organelles, viruses, proteins, and nucleic acids.

You can choose from various models, from fixed-speed to high-speed centrifuges. There are also models with different specifications, such as table-top and floor-standing centrifuges.

AHS: One-Stop Solution for laboratory supplies

AHS Lab Supplies is a line of laboratory essentials that will help you get the job done right the first time. We strive to deliver quality goods at a fair price. Our laboratory essentials offer convenience and reliability without compromising on quality standards you can depend on.

AHS is your one-stop resource for all your laboratory essentials needs.

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