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Essential Types of PPE available at AHS

Hospitals, doctor's offices, and clinical laboratories all routinely use personal protective equipment (PPE). These PPE products act as a shield between a caregiver and potentially contagious viruses, bodily fluids, and other harmful elements. In addition, the PPE can also safeguard patients with high-infection risk and infectious substances brought into the hospital by visitors. Therefore, we select clinically tested and FDA-certified PPE equipment and accessories, from facemasks and gloves to gowns and sanitizers.

Medical professionals have to deal with situations where PPE equipment is of utmost importance. These items cover the skin, nose, mouth, and eyes to protect the practitioners from getting infected by viruses, bacteria, and other harmful elements. Moreover, the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made the use of PPE items an absolute necessity for everyone, whether a doctor or an ordinary citizen.

AHS provides quality PPE equipment and accessories for medical professionals and everyday users.

Medical Facemasks

Whether traveling, providing patient care, or working in heavily trafficked public places, our range of medical facemasks is here to meet your needs.

  • Disposable earloop facemasks
  • N95/Respirator masks
  • Pediatric procedure facemasks
  • Surgical masks
  • Face shields
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Medical Gloves

Choosing suitable gloves is critical for medical professionals. Gloves designed to protect the skin from chemical agents are essential for any researcher's toolbox when working in a lab. However, no glove can protect against all chemicals. Therefore, users should wear hand gloves according to the manufacturer's recommendations. For example, latex or vinyl gloves are usually used when working with biological hazards (specimens, blood samples, body fluids, etc.). Nitrile gloves are excellent when dealing with biological and chemical splash hazards.

AHS boasts various hand gloves, from chemical-resistant and disposable latex to heavy-duty medical Butyl and Viton gloves.

  • Insulated gloves
  • Viton gloves
  • Butyl gloves
  • Latex/rubber/vinyl gloves
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Disposable gloves

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Protective Gowns

Protect your patients & staff with our line of medical gowns, masks, gloves, and aprons. We offer compliance with universal health care laws and safety protocols so you can keep your patients happy & healthy. From ESD safe to fluid-resistant, we've got you and your patients covered.

PPE gowns and wearables are essential for healthcare professionals fighting pandemics. As a result, materials that are both breathable and immune to pathogenic fluids are needed. Our hand-picked protective gowns meet applicable safety standards and are comfortable for users.

  • Disposable gowns
  • Protective gowns
  • Shoe covers
  • Medical gowns
  • Isolation gowns

Hand Sanitizers

Keeping hands clean has become a necessity in today's world, where hand sanitizers are ubiquitous. We've learned how important it is to wash our hands frequently to avoid spreading the disease during this pandemic. Consequently, hand sanitizers are now used in almost every public place—from cafés to airport terminals to clinical settings. In addition, all medical establishments need their staff to use hand sanitizer regularly.

We're the leading wholesaler of premium-grade, affordable hand sanitizers for your everyday needs. Our direct tie-ups with leading manufacturers ensure that we can offer you the lowest possible prices for the best hand sanitizers online, in any quantity you need.

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