Adult/Pediatric Single Hose 250 cm - NIBP Hoses

Adult/Pediatric Single Hose 250 cm - NIBP Hoses - American Hospital Supply

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Adult/Pediatric Single Hose 250 cm - NIBP Hoses


Cable and Sensors offer various non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) adult and pediatric hoses with excellent compatibility and durable design. This Philips Compatible NIBP Hose features an 8ft length and a copper and nylon construction. It is FDA approved, RoHS compliant, and is latex-free. The BP16 Mono Plug distal connectors on this NIBP hose provide a perfect connection for medical monitoring devices. In addition, the single blood pressure hose tube has an Inner 3.1 mm, outer 5.8 mm diameter to make it suitable for Philips FM20 fetal monitors, Oriel Continuous Monitoring Systems, and other patient monitoring devices from other manufacturers. In addition, it comes with a six months warranty and has a durable design to enhance patient care in hospitals and clinics.

Compatible Models:

  • Advanced Instrumentations PM1000F+
  • Biolight AnyView A3, AnyView A5, AnyView A6, AnyView A8, V6
  • Edan XM1 Module, iM20
  • Mindray > Datascope Accutorr 3, Accutorr 7, BeneView T1, Beneheart D6, DPM6, DPM7, Passport 12, Passport 12m, Passport 17m, Passport 8, cPM 12, cPM 8, ePM 10M, ePM 12M, iPM Series, iPM12VET, uMEC10, uMEC12, uMEC15
  • Penlon InterMed Oriel 4000
  • Philips Avalon, FM20, FM30, HeartStart MRx, IntelliVue MMS X2, IntelliVue MP30, IntelliVue MP5, IntelliVue MP70, IntelliVue MX100, IntelliVue MX400, IntelliVue MX450, IntelliVue MX500, IntelliVue MX550, IntelliVue MX600, IntelliVue MX700, IntelliVue MX800, IntelliVue X3, M1008B, M3001A, M3046A M3, M3536A, MP 30, MP 50, SureSigns VM6, SureSigns VS2, SureSigns VS3, SureSigns VS4
  • Sinohero AcuitSign M6
  • Venni VI-300A

Technical Specifications:


Cables and Sensors

OEM Part Numbers

•         AMC HO-S16158-10

•         Mindray > Datascope 6200-30-09688

•         Philips M1599A, M1599B, M1598B, 989803104341

•         Sage H01-16-15

Compatible with:



FDA, CE, ISO10993-1, 5, 10:2003E, TUV, RoHS Compliant

Connector Distal

BP15, Metal, Female Quick Disconnect (Bayonet)

Connector Distal Material

Copper and Nylon

Hose Color


Hose Diameter

Inner: 3.1 mm

Outer: 5.8 mm

Hose Length

8 ft

Hose Material

PVC Jacket

Hose Type




Packaging Type


Packaging Unit


Patient Size     





6 months



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