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3 Common Symptoms Caused by Earwax Blockage

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Cleaning your ears should be a regular practice to ensure optimal ear health. However, improper cleaning can lead to a buildup of wax in the ears that will cause some frustrating symptoms. Here are three common symptoms caused by earwax blockage.

Ringing Ears

The first common symptom caused by earwax blockage is ringing ears. A slight ringing sound in the ears, also called tinnitus, can occur if you have a buildup of wax in the ear canal. The ringing or buzzing sound can be consistent or sporadic, coming and going every so often. Any external sounds do not cause this ringing in the ear, so make sure to rule out other sounds that may cause a ringing sensation. Tinnitus can be very irritating and make it difficult to focus on daily tasks and activities, so make sure to consult with a medical professional if you are struggling with this symptom.

Ear Ache

An earache is the second symptom caused by earwax blockage. Earaches can vary in location and severity. An earache can be present in both ears, or just one, and it can be a constant pain, or it may come and go with time. The level of pain associated with an earache can be dull and mild, sharp and severe, or even a burning sensation. Infections can also cause earache, so you should talk with a trusted medical professional to rule out a particular infection.

Trouble Hearing

The third common symptom caused by earwax blockage is having trouble hearing. When earwax has built up in the ear canal, it blocks sound from being able to travel to the eardrum freely. This blockage can cause muffled hearing which makes it challenging to hear clearly. If you notice that you ask people to repeat themselves because you did not hear them well the first time or you struggle to notice normal sounds, you may be experiencing slight hearing loss due to earwax blockage.

Now that you know three symptoms caused by earwax blockage, you can consult with a medical professional to treat the issue. Check out American Hospital Supply for ear care products to effectively and safely clean your ear canals.

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