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Tips for Choosing the Right Manikins for Simulation

Ganesh Sharma ·

The medical and health-care industries use manikins to learn and teach. Manikins are human models that people use to simulate real-life medical, surgical, or clinical situations and scenarios. Here are a few tips for choosing the right manikins for simulation.

Consider Their Functionality

The first tip for choosing the right manikins for simulation is considering functionality. Every manikin has different varying features and functions. Therefore, you will want to select manikins with the correct characteristics for whatever situation you are trying to simulate for teaching purposes. For example, if you are looking to simulate labor and delivery, you will need a specific manikin that functions as a pregnant female. Avoid getting a manikin that has more features than you need, though. Instead, find one that has the exact functions you are looking for: no more and no less.

Account for the Fidelity Level

Considering fidelity level is the second tip for choosing manikins for simulation. When referring to simulation, ‚Äúfidelity‚ÄĚ means the level of realism present within the manikin and the training experience as a whole. High-fidelity manikins are more realistic and believable and offer a higher level of realism than low-fidelity manikins. Choosing the fidelity level of your simulation manikins should depend on your purpose and budget. High-fidelity manikins tend to be far more expensive than low-fidelity ones, so you will need to decide how much realism is necessary for what you‚Äôre teaching.

Think Over the Price

The third tip for choosing simulation manikins is to consider the price. Unfortunately, not all institutes and facilities have ample funding for their learning programs. As a result, some programs need to stick to a tighter budget when deciding where to spend money. Considering the price of manikins will help you save money and stay on budget. Avoiding manikins with too many unnecessary features or a higher fidelity than you need are good ways to save money.

Now that you have a few tips for choosing the right manikins for simulation, you can find the best ones today. Check out American Hospital Supply for a selection of medical training manikins.

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