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How Often Should You Schedule a Professional Ear Cleaning

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Taking proper care of our bodies and health requires careful attention to detail. The same is true about our ear health. Of course, it helps to be proactive in order to take the best possible care of yourself, but you may find yourself wondering how often you should schedule a professional ear cleaning. Here are a few key tips to help you know when to get your ears cleaned.

When To Clean Your Ears

Many people think you should clean your ear daily, but that is not true. Ears naturally clean themselves, so the regular use of cotton swabs is not necessary. In fact, using things like cotton swabs can actually have the reverse effect, pushing wax deeper into the ears. If you feel like you need a professional ear cleaning, there are some symptoms to keep in mind. If you are not experiencing any symptoms but would still like to schedule a professional ear cleaning, once every six months is generally the appropriate spacing for each appointment.

Minor Symptoms

It can sometimes be difficult to tell when you need an ear cleaning because you can’t actually see into your own ears. However, there are a few key symptoms to pay attention to that indicate it may be time for a cleaning. For example, if you are experiencing consistent popping or crackling in your ears, this may be a sign of wax buildup. Itchiness can also be a minor symptom that lets you know it’s time to schedule a professional ear cleaning with a doctor. Keep an eye out for these symptoms because the earlier you catch a wax buildup, the quicker you will be able to find a solution for the problem.

Major Symptoms

If you didn’t happen to catch any of the minor symptoms quickly enough, it could lead to more severe symptoms. For example, ear wax that becomes impacted can lead to ear infections or even hearing loss. Watch out for major symptoms such as difficulty hearing, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), dizziness, and severe ear pain. In order to maintain proper ear health, you must pay attention to how your ears are feeling and schedule an ear cleaning if you experience any of these particular symptoms. Ear problems that are left untreated may result in permanent loss of hearing.

Now that you know how often to schedule an ear cleaning with a professional, you can act accordingly if any of these symptoms arise. American Hospital Supply carries disposable ear curettes that provide a safe solution for regular ear cleanings at home.

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