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Mannequin vs. Manikin: What’s the Difference?

Brian Barkeley ·

You may have seen or heard the word manikin before, but it may not be what you think. There are two separate kinds of human-shaped models called mannequins and manikins. These models have very different purposes, so it’s important to understand the differentiation. This article will help you understand mannequin vs. manikin: what’s the difference?

What’s a Mannequin?

If you’ve ever spent some time shopping in a clothing store, you’ve probably seen several mannequins throughout your life. Mannequins are human-shaped models made of plastic that stores use to advertise and showcase their clothes and products. There are various types of mannequins, such as realistic mannequins, abstract mannequins, and even headless mannequins. Many stores will also use specific mannequin body types within different departments to more accurately represent their target audience. For example, a store may use a pregnant mannequin in the maternity department and a child-sized mannequin in the kid’s department. Overall, these models help shoppers better visualize themselves in the clothing and products that a company or store offers.

What’s a Manikin?

You will not see manikins in clothing stores. Instead, you will typically find manikins in medical and health care facilities and education centers. Manikins are human-shaped models that medical professionals use to simulate the human body for the purpose of medical training. These manikins allow medical students to perform surgical and clinical scenarios on a model so they can learn different techniques and skills. There are several different kinds of manikins. They can range from high fidelity to low fidelity, which are terms to describe their level of realisticness. There are also various manikins to simulate specific procedures. For example, there are birthing manikins, cardiac arrest manikins, and even manikins that professionals use to practice IVs. All of these human simulators provide medical professionals with the amazing opportunity to learn in realistic situations.

What Are the Differences?

Mannequins and manikins are both made to look like real humans, but they have very different purposes. While mannequins model clothing in stores, manikins model medical situations and scenarios. The main difference is that mannequins are stationary models that advertise products, while mannikins are more realistic and anatomically correct models that are capable of simulating real-life medical scenarios. In fact, some manikins are so advanced that they can even simulate real human sounds and emotions. While both of these kinds of models serve important purposes, they are not interchangeable. You wouldn’t want to use a store mannequin for medical training, and you wouldn’t want to use a medical manikin to showcase clothing.

So now that you know what the difference is between a mannequin and a manikin, you can find the appropriate option for your needs. American Hospital Supply has a wide selection of training manikins to give medical professionals the confidence they need to perform important skills and procedures.

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