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Top At Home Medical Supplies For Your Holiday Shopping Guide

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The holiday season is characterized by happiness, festivities, and the opportunity to share meaningful experiences with loved individuals. Amidst the joyful atmosphere, it is essential to not disregard the significance of maintaining good health and well-being. This American Hospital Supply guide will explore the essential medical items for at-home use that should be included in your Christmas shopping list, guaranteeing a secure and healthy season for you and your family. Whether purchasing a gift or making sure your prepared for you holiday gathering, this comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in finding the best holiday gifts or capitalizing on the discounted prices on home medical equipment during the holiday season.

Importance of At-Home Medical Supplies During the Holidays

The Christmas season generally brings forth many activities and events, increasing the possibility of accidents or health difficulties. Having basic first aid items and essential medical supplies on hand at home can allow you to respond quickly and effectively to any unexpected medical needs.

It's crucial to address primary health problems over the holidays before getting into the specific items. Health problems can be exacerbated by factors such as weather changes, increased stress, and exposure to new places. Having adequate medical resources on hand is crucial for efficiently responding to such issues.

Medical PPE

Holiday travel can mean exposure to lots of harmful pathogens. Its important to remember the importance of medical masks for those who may be immunocompromised or visited their elderly or newborn loved ones. For those working in crowded settings medical-grade nitrile gloves also offer added protection.

First Aid Essentials

Every home should have a well-stocked first aid kit. It needs to have bandages, disinfectant wipes, tape, scissors, and tweezers. Make sure your first aid kit is always stocked with the most updated items. AHS has a vast inventory of first aid items, ranging from professional EMS kits and bandages to bleeding control sets and more, to help you and your loved ones remain prepared for any minor medical emergency that may occur as you gather with friends and family. In addition, our home medical supply collection includes quality items from the world's leading manufacturers, such as 3M, LifeVac, Omron, McKesson, Cardinal Health, and more.

OTC Medicines

Incorporate non-prescription drugs intended to alleviate common symptoms, including cough suppresant, fever-reducing agents, and antacids. It is crucial to take into account the particular health requirements of each member of your household, such as any allergies or sensitivities.

In the event that you or a member of your family possesses particular health conditions, guarantee that you possess the requisite medications. This may include prescription medications, allergy medications, or inhalers.

Home Diagnostic Tools

Although thermometers and first aid kits are standard, those with specific health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, viral infections, and blood pressure issues, should have proper diagnostic tools at home. For instance, tools such as Quidel’s QuickVue At-Home OTC COVID test to help you keep a tab on your and your family members' health.

An accurate thermometer is a must for keeping tabs on your health, especially during flu season. In addition to removing the environmental risk posed by mercury in traditional thermometers, digital thermometers also offer faster and more convenient measurements.

At-Home Medical Tools Make Can Make for Great Gifts

Blood Pressure Monitors

Home blood pressure monitors offer convenience and consistent health monitoring for individuals with hypertension or those who are monitoring their blood pressure. Although there are several models, the Omron 10 Series offers affordable yet precise blood pressure monitoring. 

The Omron 10 Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitoring Unit with an adult large cuff is a top-notch device designed for accurate and convenient blood pressure monitoring. Its cuff, made of black cloth fabric, accommodates arms ranging from 22 to 43 cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for a broad range of users. This premium monitor goes beyond basic functionalities, storing up to 200 blood pressure readings for two users (100 per user). The OMRON pre-formed ComFit cuff included with the monitor ensures a secure and precise fit every time.

InBody At-Home Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is another option for those looking for an FDA-approved, clinically accurate automatic blood pressure monitor. This model comes with a Bluetooth option, connecting to the InBody App and allowing you to track your heart health alongside other InBody metrics.

Emergency Choking Kits

A potentially life-saving precaution during the holidays is to maintain a choking aid in one's residence. The escalation in holiday activities raises the potential for choking incidents, particularly during the consumption of holiday meals or drinks. Typical components of a well-equipped choking kit consist of rescue masks, specialized instruments for dislodging obstructive objects, and a first aid manual. Maintaining a specialized kit readily available guarantees a prompt and efficient response in the event of a choking emergency, thereby potentially averting severe injury. This uncomplicated yet indispensable safety measure provides an additional level of protection, enabling you and your loved ones to relish the holiday season without concern. Consider these two models from LifeVac, affordable and non-invasive choking devices:

LifeVac Choking First Aid Home Kit

The LifeVac Choking First Aid Home Kit stands as a crucial tool in addressing one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in the USA: choking. Specifically designed to intervene during a choking emergency, this proprietary model boasts a non-invasive airway clearance design. It effectively removes obstructing objects from the victim's throat, featuring a two-component system—one for delivering the force to dislodge the obstruction and the other to prevent its re-entry. The patented one-way valve creates a suction, ensuring a unidirectional flow to remove the obstruction and clear the victim's airway. The comprehensive kit includes three disposable bags and an instructional set, providing all the essentials for a successful rescue plan. With a straightforward push-and-pull motion, the LifeVac Choking Kit offers a user-friendly and potentially life-saving solution for choking emergencies at home. In addition, it is also available as a LifeVac Travel Kit, allowing you to carry it with you when visiting a friend or extended family.

Mobility and Accessibility Aids

For older adults, walking and mobility aids can help them maintain their independence and enjoy the festivities. By including walking aids such as canes or walkers, these mobility aids provide additional assistance to individuals with mobility issues. These aides prevent accidents and improve stability. AHS maintains a large inventory of mobility aids and adaptive devices, such as reachers, grab bars, hospital socks, and non-slip mats. 

For instance, with its capacity to hold objects without help, the AHS Grabber Tool, a Grabber-Style Reacher from American Hospital Supply, emerges as a highly adaptable tool for people with limited mobility. This reaching tool was made with the user's comfort and durability in mind, from the sturdy aluminum tube to the slip-resistant rubber pad. Its excellent reach of up to 31 inches makes it easier to pick up objects from high shelves or those that have fallen to the ground. The AHS Grabber Tool is a helpful tool for people with mobility issues to use around the house and in other environments, making it easier to complete daily tasks and giving them more freedom of choice.

Smart Weight Analyzer

When trying to lose weight, the holidays provide a tough challenge, and the smart weight analyzer proves to be a helpful companion. This innovative gadget exceeds the capabilities of traditional scales by giving users a complete picture of their body composition and development. For example, the InBody Smart Weigh Analyzer, specifically the H20N model, offers a comprehensive full-body composition assessment through its advanced 4-core technology. Beyond merely measuring weight, this device provides valuable insights into skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, BMI, percent body fat, and basal metabolic rate. What sets it apart is the patented 8-point tactile electrode technology, including unique thumb electrodes, ensuring accurate and reproducible measurements for each individual.

Respiratory Health Essentials

With colder weather and increased exposure to respiratory illnesses, preserving respiratory health is vital. Humidifiers might be helpful for people who need assistance breathing because of asthma or other respiratory disorders. Nebulizers and inhalers are essential for people with asthma and other respiratory problems. Make sure they are conveniently accessible and in good operating condition.

Portable Medical Kits

If holiday travel is on the schedule, ensure you have a compact travel-sized medical kit. Don't forget the basics, like painrelievers, motion sickness pills, and your regular prescriptions. When you're well-prepared, travel health problems are less likely to disturb your trip.

Purchase At-Home Medical Supplies from Reputed Online Resources

Use only websites with a solid reputation for providing high-quality products and excellent customer service when shopping for medical equipment for use at home. For instance, AHS is a comprehensive online retailer of medical devices and tools for hospitals and homes. The online store collaborates with prominent healthcare product manufacturers to provide the best medical supplies to its consumers across the continuum of care. Customers can count on affordable prices, speedy deliveries, and excellent customer service.

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