LifeVac Travel Kit

LifeVac Travel Kit
LifeVac Travel Kit

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LifeVac Travel Kit


The LifeVac Travel Kit is the only all-in-one, affordable, portable airway clearance device on the market. With the LifeVac Travel Kit, you can be prepared for a choking emergency at home or on the go. The non-invasive and non-powered device is designed to use when traditional choking mechanisms have yielded no result. A one-way valve prevents air from entering a choking victim downward. In addition, the minimal suction time provides an effective and safe way to use in an obstructed airway emergency. LifeVac's uniquely designed and patented valve prevents air from escaping. This valve's innovative design keeps food and other things from being pushed downward by air. Instead, a one-way suction is created, removing the stuck food or object. An adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a test mask are all included in the LifeVac kit. In sum, this LifeVac Travel Kit is an excellent addition to any first aid kit and lifesaving apparatus in choking emergencies.


  • The LifeVac Travel Kit contains a suction device, adult mask, pediatric mask, and an easy instruction guide.
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Non-powered and non-invasive suction technology
  • Capable of producing more than 300 mmHg of suction
  • Patients' airways are protected with a one-way valve
  • Safe and effective apparatus for use in air blockage emergencies
  • The kit includes a storage bag
  • Minimal suction duration







Travel Kit for Choking Emergencies

Ideal for

Adults and Children

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Included Items

•         1x Adult mask one

•         1x Pediatric mask

•         Instructions for use

•         Yellow zippered bag


2-3 years

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