Adult/Pediatric Single Hose 250 cm - NIBP Hoses

Adult/Pediatric Single Hose 250 cm - NIBP Hoses - American Hospital Supply

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Adult/Pediatric Single Hose 250 cm - NIBP Hoses


The Cable and Sensors NIBP Hose is a smart, non-invasive way for acquiring patient data. It's ideal for adults and children and works with most monitors. It's available in various lengths and diameters to suit your needs. It features copper connector distal and PVC jacket hose material, providing long service life. Environmentally friendly, latex-free, and easy to clean, the hose material is ideal for various patient monitoring devices such as Mindray Datascope Trio, Philips, and others. With this NIBP hose, you get long-lasting performance and the ability to run it continuously. In addition, the cables are backward compatible with legacy monitors that measure blood pressure in adults, children, and newborns. The hose measurements include 8ft hose length, inner 3.1 mm, and outer 5.8 mm diameter.

Compatible Models:

  • Aspen Iradimed, V1
  • Biolight M8000
  • Bionet BMP300
  • Contec CMS 5100, CMS 6000, CMS 7000, CMS 9000
  • Criticare 506 series, 506N3, 506NT3, 507, 507EL, 507EL/C, 507ELC2, 507MPS, 507NJC, 8100 series, nCompass, nGenuity
  • DRE Waveline EZ MAX
  • Datex Ohmeda enGuard CM5
  • Edan M3, M3A, M3B, M50, M8, M80, M8A, M8B, M9, M9A, iM50, iM60, iM60GT, iM70, iM8A, iM8B, iM9, iM9A
  • Invivo MDE Escort Prism
  • Medica D Logicare Series 2000
  • Midmark > Cardell 9403
  • Mindray > Datascope Accutorr Plus, Accutorr V, DPM3, DPM4, DPM5, Duo, MEC 1200, PM 8000, PM 8000 Express, PM 9000 Express, Passport 2, Passport V, Spectrum, Spectrum OR, T5, Trio, V-Series, V12, V21, XG
  • Spacelabs 90369
  • Sunnex M8000A

Technical Specifications:


Cables and Sensors

OEM Part Numbers

•         AMC HO-S15158-10

•         Criticare 705, CAT-706

•         Edan M13-36036

•         Invivo E2810-06

•         Mindray > Datascope 200683-04-0003, 200683-04-0004, 509B-30-06259, 0683-00-0189-80, 0683-04-0003 (5 ft (1.8 meters)), 0683-04-0004 (10 ft)

•         Philips M3918A, 989803136931

•         Sage H04-15-15

•         Spacelabs 714-0060-00 (12 ft), 714-0061-00, 714-0018-00

•         Sunnex 15-100-0026

Compatible with:



FDA, CE, ISO10993-1, 5, 10:2003E, TUV, RoHS Compliant

Connector Distal

BP15, Metal, Female Quick Disconnect (Bayonet)

Connector Material Distal


Hose Color


Hose Diameter

Inner: 3.1 mm

Outer: 6.2 mm

Hose Length

8 ft

Hose Material

PVC Jacket

Hose Type




Packaging Type


Packaging Unit


Patient Size     





6 months



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