CAE Blue Phantom Upper Torso Ultrasound Training Model

CAE Blue Phantom Upper Torso Ultrasound Training Model

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CAE Blue Phantom Upper Torso Ultrasound Training Model



The CAE Blue Phantom upper torso block is the most realistic training model available for ultrasound-guided or blind insertion procedures. It's specifically designed for practicing lumbar puncture and epidural techniques and made from self-healing and ultra-durable Simulex tissue. Students and practitioners can quickly locate the insertion points and determine the depth of epidural space and thick ligament with an ultrasound system. They can also increase cerebral spinal fluid pressures to mimic pathological scenarios for a realistic experience. In addition, the durable construction of the upper torso training model can sustain 1000 punctures using an 18-21-gauge needle.


  • Allows accurate model placement in either upright or lateral decubitus positions.
  • Specially designed for spine imaging to palpate spinous processes and other landmarks.
  • It has a clinically accurate and highly realistic design with self-healing tissue that will help you save time and money on replacements.
  • Available in different models: Lumbar Only, Lumbar & Thoracic, or Lumbar & Cervical.
  • It offers practical training simulation for ultrasound-guided or blind needle biopsy and spinal treatments.



CAE Blue Phantom


Patented Self-healing simulated tissue


Lumbar Puncture, Lumbar Epidural, Thoracic Epidural, Ultrasound Training, And Cervical Epidural Procedures



Item Code




Product Dimension (L x W x H)

43 cm x 28 cm x 43 cm

Product Weight

15 kg

Included Items

·         Blue Phantom Epidural Ultrasound Training Model

·         1 bottle of Clear Ultrasound Refill Solution, 235ml

·         Soft Carry Case

·         Privacy Drape



Optional Accessories

Ultrasound Refill Solution


Made in the USA

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