Medicine Vial Holder

Hands free medication vial holder from American Hospital Supply
Medicine Vial Holder
Medicine Vial Holder
AHSMVH optional "safety  ensures that vials of different tolerances are held in place

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Medicine Vial Holder



This medicine vial holder from American Hospital Supply is designed to provide to allow clinicians safe access to vials by preventing needle stick injuries caused by one hand holding the vial and another exposed hand the holding medication vial. The holder frees up a hand for clinicians allowing two-handed draws of critical patient medications in a variety of anesthesia, operating room, radiology, obstetrics, pain management, and critical care settings.

A secondary benefit of this device is that it reduces instances of improper medication dispensation as the device allows medication vials to be inserted label-side up to improve readability of medicine names. The device includes seven slots to hold a variety of medicine vial sizes to meet your patient’s unique needs.


  • Hands free medication vial holder provides safe access to medication vials to reduce risk of accidental needle-stick
  • Transparent design offers easy view of medication labels to ensure proper administration
  • Adjustable backside easily attaches to allow any surface up to 1.25" thick
  • Ergonomic design ensures maximum withdraw of costly medications
  • Optional "safety lid" locks vials of different tolerances to prevent movement of the vial during the draw


Brand American Hospital Supply
Part Number AHSMVH
Style Table Clamp
Vial Sizes 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 mL (cc)
Inlet Sizes

Large Inlet (x3) -> 15.5 mm (+/- .1) -> 

Small Inlet (x4) 9.6 mm (+/- .1)

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